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Chicken Saddle Sewing Template

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 Make hens much more comfortable! 

Enthusiastic large roosters can easily damage a hen’s back feathers when mating. Roosters can be aggressive and grab the hen’s feathers in full force. A chicken saddle provides a protective shield that prevents a hen from getting bald spots.

Protection for feather pecked brids enables healing and regrowth of feathers without isolation.

The template includes extra wing protection and tail guard. You can use your bird's wing protection and tail guard separately if you are dealing with small chickens, bantams, or larger fowl.

It’s easy to create your own chicken saddle based on a Chicken Saddle Sewing Template. You can repurpose some old clothes or use fat quarters with a print.

 Ever wondered why your chicken’s fertility drops off after a while? 

Particularly with larger breeds and rough roosters? So often, it is because the back and sides of the hens have been scratched or even ripped from the enthusiastic male. Injured hens won’t let the rooster mate them, resulting in poor fertility. As a breeder, this often goes unnoticed unless hens are regularly checked. It can be very hard to see wounds with all the feathers in the way.

Our high quality chicken saddles template provide protection for the girls and grip for the boys. In the past, before we realized the damage that can occur, we had birds die from having their sides ripped open. This happened despite the claws being trimmed and the spurs cut off! (We highly recommend doing this as well). Now all our birds wear a chicken saddle for the entire breeding season.

 A feather pecked bird that will heal and regrow its feathers with the help of a saddle, as seen in the next photo. 

Our saddles also help birds heal, if they have been feather pecked, preventing further damage. By fitting them at the first sign of any feather pecking, it helps stop the habit from developing. With the damaged area covered, the other birds are unable to continue pecking and so the feathers grow back to normal without having to remove and isolate the injured bird.

Because the template has different sizes, it fits on half grown birds as well, covering most of their tail. Particularly helpful when growing out young males together, as they are renowned for feather pecking backs and tails.

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